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New Hoshizaki Commercial Series

Just when we thought Hoshizaki products couldn’t get any better, they released an updated product line— their Commercial Series with new stainless steel interior and exterior! In the commercial refrigeration business, this is exciting for many reasons!

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Why Electro Freeze?

Why should your business choose Electro Freeze products? Asking that question is like asking someone why they like ice cream on a scorching summer day— it just makes sense. Electro Freeze not only has more than 75 years of experience in manufacturing and designing soft-serve equipment, but their products are dependable and offer flexibility, no matter your business.

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Keeping Your Hoshizaki Ice Machine Clean

It is important to clean and sanitize your Hoshizaki ice machine at least once a year, preferably semi-annually. Depending on local water conditions, some machines may need to be cleaned more frequently. While you can find complete cleaning instructions located on the reverse side of the front panel, we are here to walk you through the steps.

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Summer Frozen Treats

The heat of the summer is upon us here in the Ozarks, and with rising temperatures and humidity, there is no better way for your customers to cool down than with a frozen treat!

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Coffee Nation

The attitude society has regarding coffee, due in large part to studies linking coffee consumption to health benefits, has shifted dramatically over the years.

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I Scream, You Scream

Best Refrigeration was recently honored to host a visit from Tom Hotard, president of Electro Freeze, which got us in the mood for something sweet.

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