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Fantastic Foods to Pair with your Coffee

It’s hard to rival the feeling you get when you sit outside on a crisp fall day, the scent of pumpkin-spice-everything in the air and a warm cup of coffee in hand.

But there’s no law saying we can’t improve upon perfection. Want to step it up a notch by pairing that cup of life-giving caffeine with something to munch on? Check out the list of our favorite pairings below. 

- If you’re into medium dark roasts, we recommend enjoying your brew along with a piece of fruit tart. The light, fresh flavor is perfect for the beginning of fall.

- Coffee cake is, well, coffee cake. That one has coffee in the name, so it’s an obvious choice.

- Biscotti’s nutty almond flavor is a known match for coffees—especially espresso, for all you coffee connoisseurs.

- White chocolate with a white mocha? Yes, please. We’ll take all the chocolate. 

- If you’re looking for more than just a snack, drink your coffee with some breakfast crepes! You can make your crepes savory with steak and eggs, or keep it light with fresh fruit, but the coffee is a must. Obviously.

- Quiche is another great breakfast option with your coffee. Though it’s usually more savory, a good piece of quiche and a cup of high-quality black coffee is one dynamic duo.

- How about warming up a fresh, fluffy donut and dipping it into your cup of coffee? Don’t knock it until you try it.

We’ve listed our favorite pairings, but truth be told, coffee is an all-day-every-day kind of thing. We just pretend it pairs deliciously with everything.