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Story of the Slushee

In the words of the infamous Bob Ross, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” This is definitely true when it comes to your favorite drink to sip on when the weather reaches scorching temps – slushies!

Let us fill you on the story behind the summer favorite.

Back in the late 1950s, in our very own Kansas City, Missouri, Omar Knedlik had a faulty soda machine at the Dairy Queen he owned. When this happened, he tried to make a quick fix by putting soda bottles in the freezer. And, surely you can guess what came next.

When he took the soda out of the freezer, it was partly frozen – and the customers loved it! Requests started to roll in for the partially frozen sodas. So, Knedlik created a slushy machine in the back of his store using the air conditioning unit from his car. Then, he created a mix of flavor and water, with some carbon dioxide to keep it fizzy.  Later named the “ICEE,” these slushies became a hit outside of the Kansas City area, bringing about the redesign of the machine to be sold to other stores in the 1960s. And the rest is history! These summer treats have been cooling people down ever since.  

So, next time you stop at your favorite gas station or movie theater and fill up on your favorite flavor of icy summer slush, you can school your friends on how this cold, magical treat came to be!