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The Best Ways to Eat Ice Cream in Winter

It never fails that when you order ice cream in the dead of winter, someone comments about it being “too cold to eat cold things,” or something to that effect.


Well, we’re drawing the line! No cold weather can deprive us of our favorite ice cream treat. However, we’ll compromise. We’ll pair our ice cream with something else that seems a little more seasonal.


Here are five of the best ways to eat your ice cream in the winter:


  1. Caramelized apples – need we say more?

Slice or chop up your favorite kinds of apples and toss them in the skillet with a dash of sugar and spices. Simmer them for a bit until they’re nice a caramel-like, then pour them onto a giant scoop of your favorite ice cream. We even support a tall pile of whipped cream on top.


  1. Lava cake – hello!

Pop those perfect little cakes out of the pan and scoop your favorite kind of ice cream right on top. We know the middle of the cake is filled with fudge, but a little (a lot) of extra hot fudge never hurt anyone! Make it fancy with some crushed nuts and a cherry.


  1. Hot fudge & Caramel – yes, please!

Start with a drizzle of caramel and hot fudge covering the bowl. Then, when you add your ice cream, just add a bunch more drizzles over the top. That way, you can rest assured that every bite is packed with a warm, gooey blend of fudge and caramel. Sliced almonds would be the perfect final touch.


  1. Bread Pudding – we’ll take that!

Bread pudding is a no-brainer comfort food for the winter time. And with as delicious as bread pudding is on its own, can you imagine the delectable treat that awaits you when you add a scoop of ice cream on top!? Maybe toss some caramel drizzle over it, just to make sure it’s at its capacity for deliciousness.


  1. Make it a s’more – we’ll never say no to s’mores!

Crumble up graham crackers, drizzle some fudge, add mini chocolate chips, and finish it off with marshmallow crème. Take each bite with a meticulous selection of each ingredient, or just go wild and mix it all up in one big heap. The party on your taste buds will carry on in either fashion.


Here’s our final winter ice-cream eating suggestion: eat it however you want because ice cream is delicious and there’s no wrong way to eat it! Just don’t sit too close to the fire.