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Rick Mulheron – President & Owner
Rick began working with Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service years ago as the Hoshizaki District Manager. He became Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service’s General Manager when he joined the company in 2002. Rick bought the company from the former owner, Fred Eagles, in 2008 and has managed and operated Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service ever since.
Joyce Swofford – Accounting Manager

Joyce began working for Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service on March 24th, 1992. If you have a question, Joyce is THE person to go to! She is a verifiable wealth of information. We’re proud to call her our “oldest” employee – but only in years of service.

Kelley Morrison-Jennings – Sales Manager

Kelley has been with Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service since 2003. She knows our customers well and can provide insight on, well, everything, be it making an ice cream cone or what temperature the walk-in cooler should be. She always takes time to ask about the yard project you started last week, or that new grandbaby.

Mike Harrison – Service Manager
Mike started working at Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service when he was 17 years old. He began as a technician and has worked his way up to Service Manager. We’ve seen Mike grow from a teenager to a man with a family of four! Mike is a tremendous asset and has been with the company for more than 20 years.
Adam Barton – Service & Dispatch

Adam moved to Springfield in 2008 and started at Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service in March of that year. Adam does a great job taking information from customers and dispatching the techs out to various service calls all over the area. We’re proud to call him an integral part of our team.

Amy Moody – Parts Clerk
Amy is the “youngest” member of our office team, having only been here for two years. She is the gal to talk to when you need parts; she handles the shipping and receiving of parts to and from the building. Amy can do it all, from shipping a package to moving equipment on a forklift!