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Halloween Treats

Although this probably comes as no surprise, we love coffee and edible treats here at Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service. We’re pretty excited about the arrival of fall and Halloween approaching! To help you celebrate, we’re sharing some tasty yet bone-chilling recipes and tips to get the best scare out of your guests this Halloween!

Ghost Milkshakes

Scare your customers, family or friends with this ghost milkshake recipe from the DIY Network! Simply blend vanilla ice cream and milk and top with whipped cream. Add candy eyes so their milkshake is staring back at them!

Ghostly Coffee

Frighten your guests by adding a spooky twist to traditional hot or iced coffee! Create a ghostly decoration by placing 3 marshmallows on a skewer. Coat the marshmallows with melted white chocolate over a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Add little candies for eyes and draw mouths with any food pen or edible gel. These little ghouls are sure to be a hit! Click here for more coffee-related recipes.


Sweet-and-Salty Trick-or-Treat Bags

Say goodbye to traditional Halloween candy with this easy sweet-and-salty snack mix recipe from HGTV. Simply mix pretzels, white chocolate-covered popcorn and M&M’s together for a crunchy surprise. Tip: to get some scares, add large plastic spiders in each bag!

Dry Ice Cocktails

We all know that no drink is complete without ice. Adding dry ice to beverages creates a smoke effect, giving your beverage an eerie feel. Of course, take extreme caution when handling dry ice by wearing rubber gloves and only handling the dry ice with tongs. Click here for some spooky dry ice cocktail recipes!

Halloween Sushi

This frightening sushi will have your guests shaking in their boots in no time! Follow this simple recipe that only calls for 4 ingredients!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!