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When Things Break...

We’re realists.

Eventually, something is going to go wrong. A lever sticks, a motor whines, a machine refuses to cooperate. No matter where you received your equipment, no matter who crafted it, your future with any piece of man-made technology includes some maintenance.

Our products are the best, have no doubt. But we’re interested in more than making a sale. Providing clients with needs beyond issuing the receipt is very important to us, because, as we said, we’re realists. We don’t want our relationship to end once you have made your purchase decision. When something does go wrong, we are there to help.

Our determination to provide excellent service has resulted in a wide range of satisfied customers. Convenience stores, schools, healthcare facilities—we do a little bit of everything. No matter their industry, our clients deserve the best, and we owe it to them and ourselves to give it. We want to learn any and everything there is to know about servicing these machines so we can be the ultimate service manual. Our method is simple: we keep up with the product lines we provide, remain certified service agents for Carpigiani and Franke Coffee Systems, Hoshizaki, Electro Freeze, Everest Refrigeration, Nuova Simonelli, Master Bilt, True Manufacturing and Biozone. This allows us to swoop in whenever something goes wrong, whether it’s the ice-cream machine in the hospital cafeteria, or the industrial coffeemaker at your favorite restaurant.

There are steps you can take to prevent needing maintenance. Following the care instructions is a given, but we also offer a Peak Performance Service Contract. Preventative maintenance is the absolute best way to save money down the line.

We might be in the machine industry, but we’re all about people. Let us know how we can better serve you.