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Which Ice is Best for Your Business?

Ice isn’t probably something you think much about when it comes to your drink, especially its shape and purpose. However, there is something to why ice is shaped a particular way. There are shapes we’re all familiar with, but we probably don’t know the power they hold.

Some of the most popular types of ice include the crescent cube, flaked and cubelet.

Crescent cubes prevent splashing when a drink is being poured. This makes this cube super popular for restaurants or bars. The cubes are also known for not clumping, making them perfect for scooping or dispensing.  This ice shape is unique to the Hoshizaki brand for commercial use.


Flaked ice is perfect for snow cones! However, beyond making a cool treat for summer, flaked ice also great for preserving food on display. You’ll notice flaked ice preserving meats, produce, and seafood in your grocery store. This is because flaked ice helps retain hydration.


Cubelet ice aka nugget ice or “Sonic ice”, are small chewable pellets. This long-lasting ice allows drinks to hold their flavor. Therefore, it’s a great option for soda.

So when you’re choosing your next icemaker, keep in mind the purpose each type of ice serves. At Best Refrigeration Co., Inc., Sales & Service, we want to make sure the kind of ice you’re getting fulfills your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us - or feel free to browse our Hoshizaki Ice Maker collection